Northern Territory History Grants

The History Grants Program

The Northern Territory History Grants were established by the Northern Territory Government to commemorate the attainment of self-government on 1 July 1978.

The aim of the Program

The aim of the grants program is to encourage and support original research about Northern Territory history, and broaden the resources available in this field, for the community to access and engage with.

Who can apply

Individuals, societies and community organisations, who are current residents of the Northern Territory are eligible to apply.

Territory, State and Federal government agencies are not eligible to apply. Employees of the Northern Territory Archives Service are not eligible to apply.

Previous recipients of NT History Grants which have not been acquitted are not eligible to apply.

Northern Territory Associations applying for grants must ensure that they comply with the Associations Act.

What can be funded

The grants are intended to assist with expenses incurred whilst carrying out research projects including:

  • travel and accommodation
  • printing and publication
  • production of research guides based on selected topics
  • stationery and consumables
  • incidental research fees
  • copying charges

Preference will be given to applications covering topics which haven't been researched before or, if the topic has been researched before, the application must propose a new approach.

The following are examples of projects which have been funded in the past:

  • historical research for a radio program
  • historical research for a journal article
  • historical research for a published work
  • historical research for an unpublished or self published work
  • oral history interviewing
  • historical research for production of video/film
  • historical research for production of website

What cannot be funded

  • purchase of equipment and assets
  • cataloguing of collections
  • digitising or reproduction of collections
  • professional consulting fees
  • wages
  • Interview fees or gift payment for participation.

How much funding is available

  • The total annual allocation for the grants program is $60 000.
  • Single grants may range up to $7 000.

Who assesses the applications

History Grant applications are assessed by the Northern Territory History Grants Committee. The Committee comprises three representatives from the Territory community who are conversant in the field of Northern Territory history. The Committee is appointed by the Minister for Arts and Museums who is responsible for the NTAS. The Committee recommends to the Minister the dispersal of funding as it deems appropriate.

Criteria for assessment

Applications for History Grants must address all criteria on the official application form. Key criteria considered in the assessment of applications will include:

  • demonstrated uniqueness of the project
  • provision of an achievable project plan
  • identification of funding requested (maximum $7 000) based on a realistic budget
  • proposal of how the result of the research will be disseminated
  • written references from two referees to be received with the application by COB of the closing date for applications.

Key Dates

October 2015
Grants are opened for application from Friday 9 October 2015. 

November 2015
Closing date for applications is Friday 6 November 2015. 

December 2015
The Committee will assess applications and applicants will be advised of the outcomes shortly after assessment.

Conditions of Grants

Terms of the grants.  Grant recipients are required to sign an agreement undertaking to abide by the conditions described below.  The NT History Grants Committee reserves the right to attach specific conditions to the expenditure of the Grant allocations.

Timing.  The project or part of the project so far as the commitment to the Grant is concerned is to be completed within  twelve (12) months of notification of the Grant unless agreed otherwise.

A Grant recipient is expected to report progress to the NT History Grants Committee five (5) months after receiving payment of the Grant.  

Upon conclusion of the project a final acquittal must be submitted. This is a two-step process:
(1)      A report outlining the project activity and expenditure of the project in accordance with the guidelines for how money can be used, and

(2)      two copies of the results of the project to be provided to the Northern Territory Archives Service.

Termination/Suspension.   A Grant may be suspended or terminated before the approved completion date either at the request of the recipient or if, in the opinion of the NT History Grants Committee, performance is unsatisfactory or the conditions governing the Grant are not being observed. 


Any publications describing the work or containing the finished product of the work, the research for which has been supported wholly or partly by the Grant, must acknowledge the support of the Northern Territory Government and the Northern Territory History Grants program.

Payment of Grants

Payment of grants will take place after the successful Grant recipients have signed agreements undertaking to abide by the conditions described in Conditions of Grants above.

Grants money is paid to the successful applicant unless an alternative stakeholder organisation or administering body is advised in the application process.

When returning signed agreements the successful recipients will need to provide financial details enabling the payment of their grant through the Department of Arts and Museums Grants Tracker system.

General information

  • Funds are not granted for retrospective research.
  • Recipients will be required to comply with all conditions of the Grant Agreement.
  • The NTAS reserves the right to withdraw approval for funding at any time if there is a change in circumstances in the nature of financial viability of the project.
  • If an applicant does not meet all requirements as set out in the Grant Agreement, monies paid may be recovered as a debt due.
  • Unexpended funds of the approved Grant amount may be required to be refunded to the NTAS.
  • Recipients will be required to acknowledge the assistance provided by the NTAS.
  • Grant payments can only be processed on receipt of a signed Grant Agreement, a Vendor Creation/ Amendment form, and an ATO Statement by Supplier form if not registered for GST.
  • Funding in each year of the Grants program is subject to the appropriation of funds through the normal NT Government budget process.

Guidelines and Application Form

The 2015 Application and Guidelines form is available for information at the following link:Guidelines and Application Form

Address and Contact Details

Postal address:
The Executive Officer, Northern Territory History Grants 
Northern Territory Archives Service
GPO Box 874 
Darwin NT 0801

Street addresses: 
Northern Territory Archives Centre, Kelsey Cres, Millner, NT 0810
Minerals House, 58 Hartley, Alice Springs, NT 0870

Northern Territory Archives Service, Darwin (08) 8924 7660


(08) 8924 7677