Northern Territory Archives Service

The NT Archives Service fulfils the dual role of providing cultural services to the community and administrative services to the Government. In this respect, the functions of the NT Archives Service include preservation of government and community archives, provision of public access to archives collections and the provision of records management policy, standards and advice relating to appraisal, disposal and the management of permanent records.


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Northern Territory History Grants awarded

Congratulations are extended to recipients of 2014 Northern Territory History Grants.  A total of $56,000 has been awarded in Grants by the Northern Territory Government to the following recipients:

Bob Alford: $2,500 The death of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto; its cause and effect
Dr Wendy Beresford-Maning: $500 Transports of Delight : The life and work of John Swenson
Deb Bisa: $5,000 Remember me kindly - a history of the Holtze Family in the Northern Territory
William Burgess: $2,000 East of the Loo - two Gulf Families Histories
Frank Byrne: $2,000 Bringing them all back home: The songs and stories of losing my childhood and creating my own path
Cambodian Australian Community Association of the NT: $1,500 The history of migration and settlement of the Top End's Cambodian Community
Rosemary Chalmers: $1,500 "We'll give Darwin a go" – the McMillan Story
Jodie Clarkson: $2,000 John Spencer Family Country Transport and Tourism:  a biography
Lyn Derrick: $2,000 Farrar Women - Life on NT Cattle Stations during 1880-1950
Ted Egan: $2,500 A complex man: J A Gilruth,
Steve Farram: $2,500 Charles 'Moth' Eaton: A Biography
Shayne Harris: $3,000 Parap Camp history
Injalak Arts and Crafts: $2,500 Injalak Arts Oral History Project
Tom Lewis: $3,000 Forgotten Honourable Warriors
Deepika Mathur: $1,000 Tracing the design history of Railway Cottages in Alice Springs, 1929 to present
Dale McIver: $1,500 Recording the history of Mr Alec Ross OAM
Carolyn McLennan: $1,000 History of Milingimbi Church window
Mike Owen: $3,000 Unrecovered: the Story of the loss of HMAS Patricia Cam off the Arnhem Land Coast January 1943
NT Council of the Aging: $3,000 Multicultural stories of NT
Derek Pugh: $2,500 History: Captain Maurice Barlow and Major John Campbell and the settlement of Fort Dundas 1824-1829
Sue Reaburn: $2,500 A History of 40 years of Bilingual Education at Milingimbi
Lyndee Severin: $2,000 The life of Mr Peter Severin
Jih Seymour: $3,000 The History of 104.1 FM Radio Darwin
Leni Shilton: $2,500 The story of Bertha Strehlow
Fiona Walsh: $1,500 Aranda and other stories around the old Gum Tree

The Northern Territory History Grants encourage and support original research about Northern Territory history. Preference is given to applications covering topics which haven't been researched before or that propose a new approach.

Applications for the 2015 Northern Territory History Grants are expected to open in August 2015. Further information and guidelines are available on our website.