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Download pdfThis is intended as a guide to Government Publications available in the Northern Territory Library as well as other resources pertaining to the Northern Territory and Commonwealth Governments.


Location in NTL

Level 1 (via stairs or lift) Parliament House (near microfilm equipment)
GP items can be found using the Library Catalogue
GP items can be recognised on the Library Catalogue by their "GP" prefix (e.g. GP 351.9429 NORT)

Australian Government The Australian Government website is the Australian whole-of-government entry point. In its current release, the site provides links to the ten entry points for the Australian Government and State, Territory and Local governments. The site will be developed over time to allow full search and retrieval capabilities across all levels of government and all government sites. provides assistance to people searching for Australian Government publications and provides links to publications and other resources on the websites of Australian Government agencies.

NT Legislation

Before 1940, Territory ordinances, including those of the ACT and NT, were published in full in the Commonwealth of Australia gazette. Since 1940 notification of the making of regulations, by-laws and statutory rules is published in each Territory’s official gazette. Subordinate legislation of the Northern Territory is published together with the Acts in the annual volumes of Laws of the Northern Territory of Australia.  Print legislation is located in the GP Collection Area.

NT Acts and Regulations are available in full text on the website of the Department of the Chief Minister
or the Department of the Legislative Assembly.

Commonwealth Legislation

AustLIICommonwealth legislation is available in print in the NT Library. It is also available on-line:

The Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) provides free access to the full text of all primary legal materials (case law and legislation) including all State, Territory and Federal legislation.

Commonwealth Law

ComLaw is the legal information retrieval system owned by the Federal Attorney General's Department. It provides free access to the full text of Federal and Territory primary legal materials (case law and legislation), as well as bills and explanatory memoranda.
SCALEplus also provides access to Northern Territory legislation, Queensland legislation and South Australian legislation.

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NT HansardHansard

Northern Territory Legislative Council Debates from 6 February 1948 to 26 September 1974 are available in bound volumes in the GP Collection Area. Northern Territory Legislative Assembly Parliamentary Records from November 1974 to the present are available in bound volumes in the GP Collection Area.

Northern Territory Legislative Assembly Records from 4 December 1990 to the present are available in full text online.

Commonwealth Hansard

Commonwealth Hansard

Commonwealth Senate Hansard, House of Representatives Hansard and Senate, House of Representatives and Joint Committee transcripts are available on the following website:
Commonwealth Hansards.

NT Government Gazette

Government GazetteThe North Australian and Northern Territory Government Gazette also known as Northern Territory Times and Gazette were published between 1873 and May 1890. It was incorporated into the Northern Territory Times in June 1927.

It resumed separate publication in January 1916. From May 1977 it has been called the Northern Territory of Australia Government Gazette. Print copies are located in GP Collection Area.

The Government Gazette is issued in different series as follows:

  • 'G' Series - Contains general information (weekly) 2007-
  • 'M' Series - Mining Gazette; contains notices under The Mining Act (irregular)
  • 'R' Series - Registration Gazette – lists registered businesses (irregular)
  • 'S' Series - Special Gazettes that are published on urgent matters as required (irregular)
  • 'PS' Series - Published appointments, vacancies, promotions and transfers within the Public Service; - this is no longer printed and is only available on-line: NT Government Employment

Commonwealth Government Gazettes

Commonwealth Government Gazettes are available in hard copy in the GP Collections Area.
The PS Gazette is available online.
Information also available online about other Commonwealth Gazette

NT Parliamentary Papers

There is no NT Parliamentary Paper series. A series commenced at the end of 1988 but ceased in 1994. These are located in the Heritage Collection Room 1. Staff will assist with retrieval.

There are no plans to re-establish this series.
Copies of papers, such as annual and substantial government reports tabled in Parliament, are given to the NT Library for its collection these can be found on the Library Catalogue. The Library can obtain other papers tabled in Parliament eg. petitions, letters etc, from the Table Office upon request.

Commonwealth Parliamentary Papers

Of all the documents presented to Parliament each year, only documents of a substantial nature are included in the Parliamentary Papers series (PPS) and Index to Parliamentary Papers

PPS print copies are available in bound volumes in GP.  Some can be found on the catalogue. The PPS contains many annual reports that are not available separately by department in the GP Collections Area.

The PPS are available online from 2002 to current issue and are a major reference source for information on the role and activities of the Australian Parliament and Government.

Australian Honours Database collection includes Australian Honours mentioned at Honours Announcements occurring on Australia Day, The Queens Birthday, Bravery Decorations Announcements and special occasions such as the Midwinter’s Day Honours List and when Her Majesty the Queen makes appointments in the Royal Victorian Order to members of the Australian community. The honours announcements are published in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazettes.

Annual Reports

Annual reports for Northern Territory and Commonwealth agencies are held in the GP Collections Area or in the Parliamentary Paper Series in the GP Collections Area.

Many Northern Territory Government Agencies provide online access to their annual reports.

Others may be found at department websites.

Commonwealth Government Departments produce online annual reports - links can be found on the Library Catalogue under department name.

Looking for an older Annual Report for a department that has had several name changes over the years? Pandora may be able to supply.  PANDORA, Australia's Web Archive, has a growing collection of Australian online

NT Legislative Assembly


Legislative Assembly of the NT

Parliamentary Education online

Point of orderPoint of order! The Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory 1974-1994
Dean Jaensch & Deborah Wade-Marshall, 1994.

328.9429 JAE


A short history of the Legislative Council for the Northern TerritoryA short history of the Legislative Council for the Northern Territory
F.H. Walker (Frederick Herbert), 1986.

  328.9429 WAL


The Administrator

The house of seven gablesThe House of seven gables: a history of Government House.

Paul Rosenzweig.
Historical Society of the Northern Territory, 1996.
NTC 994.29 ROS

The residence and its residentsThe residence and its residents 1870-2003: Government House, Darwin. 2nd ed.

Barbara James, 1943-2003.

Office of the Administrator, 2004.
NTC 994.295 JAME


Government House online at.

Local Government

The Local Government Division is responsible for the development and regulation of local government in the Northern Territory and is currently coordinating a major local government reform process to strengthen leadership and governance in the local government sector.

Local Government provides services and maintains facilities for residents and visitors in the Northern Territory within geographical areas (mostly town or cities) where they exercise responsibility as governments under legislation.

In October 2006 the Northern Territory Government announced the reform of local government and came into effect 1 July 2008.

The Northern Territory's five municipalities are:

The Northern Territory's Shire Councils are:

Local governments and indigenous interests in Australia’s Northern Territory. Will Sanders.

Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy, 2006.

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Political Parties in the NT

Country Liberals

History and organisation: what makes a stable political party?
Northern Territory Country Liberal Party, 1988.
NTC 324.9429 NOR

The Territory Party: The Northern Territory Country Liberal Party 1974-1998.
Alistair Heatley.

NT University Press.1998.
NTC 324.2942904 HEAT

Country Liberal Party policy online.

Labor's Win: the Northern Territory election, 2001
Peter Loveday, Dean Jaensch, Baiba Berzins, 2002
324.99429 LOVE

Territory Labor

Political scienceThe Northern Territory Election of 18 August 2001. Dean Jaensch. Australian Journal of Political Science, Volume 37, Issue 1, 2002, Pages 161 164

PER 320 AUST        

Labor means business : position paper.

Australian Labor Party. Northern Territory Branch, 2000.
NTC 324.2942907 AUST

Yes, Premier : Labor leadership in Australia's states and territoriesYes, Premier : Labor leadership in Australia's states and territories / edited by John Wanna and Paul Williams ; caricatures by Bob Faulkner. UNSW Press, 2005.

324.29407 YES


NT Official Symbols and Protocol

Protocol is the framework of rules and procedures, which have evolved over the centuries to ensure that the conduct of international and state political, cultural and economic exchanges is carried out with dignity, efficiency and security.

Protocol unit of the Department of the Chief Minister provides a wide range of advice on Protocol.

Insignia, Northern Territory.

Government Printer, 1981.
929.82099429 INSI

Online information:   

Commonwealth Official Symbols

Australia's symbols represent what is unique about the nation, reflecting different aspects of our cultural life and history.

There are many recognized Australian Flags, these include the Aboriginal Flag, Torres Strait Islander Flag, Defence Ensigns and others.

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)

The NT Library holds an extensive collection of ABS publications, including current and historical material in print and electronic format.

Statistics about the NT can be found in the publication 1362.7 - Regional Statistics, Northern Territory, 2008.

Historical Resources:

  • Colonial Microfiche Series - 1804-1901
  • Historical Microfiche Series - 1901-1993
  • Historical Publications - CD-ROM

Census Data Resources

Most publications can be accessed on the ABS website.

Self Government to Statehood

Self Government was granted to the Northern Territory on 1 July 1978.

Australias seventh state. Peter Loveday and Peter McNab. (ed.s),

Law Society of the Northern Territory and North Australia Research Unit, Australian National University, 1988.
342.942902 LAW

The Northern Territory Government is now working towards Statehood in the near future.

Report to the Legislative Assembly Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs - 2005 Calendar year activities.Report to the Legislative Assembly Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs - 2005 Calendar year activities.

Northern Territory Statehood Steering Committee,

2006. 320.99429 NORT


constitutional pathsConstitutional paths to Statehood : Northern Territory Statehood Steering Committee community discussion paper.

Northern Territory Statehood Steering Committee, 2007.

320.99429 NORT


The long road to statehoodThe long road to statehood : report of the inquiry into the federal implications of statehood for the Northern Territory.

Australia. House of Representatives, Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs, 2007.

320.99429 AUST


Northern Territory Electoral Commission

Report on the Legislative Assembly by-election for the Division of Greatorex, 28 July 2007.
Northern Territory Electoral Commission. 2008.
324.99429 NORT

NT election 05 : 2005 Legislative Assembly general election report.
Northern Territory Electoral Commission, 2007.
324.99429 NORT

Other texts on specific NT elections can be found in the shelf area 324.99429.

Australian Electoral Commission

Other information

Parliamentary Library Service research papers are a valuable source of information on various topical subjects - some issues are very relevant for many years eg. Radioactive waste management, railways and many others. Links to other state parliament’s research papers can be found on this page.

Media releases of the NT Government from 2001 are available online.

The Commonwealth Parliamentary Library produces:

Issues Briefs, Bills Digest, Research papers and other publications including the Commonwealth Parliamentary Handbook.